• Romeo Y Julieta #3 (Cuba)This classic cigar lives up to its Cuban heritage with exceptional construction and a smooth and creamy medium bodied taste and outstanding aroma.
  • Montecristo #2 (Cuba)Combination of finest wrapper, binder, and filler, with a complex and flavourful smoke on the milder side with bountiful taste notes and an easy draw.
  • Fonseca Delicias (Cuba)Mild cigar with flavours of wood, black coffee, hay and pepper.
    There is also lots of sweetness and creaminess.
  • Cohiba Siglo II (Cuba)Rich cigar with flavours of coffee, dark chocolate along with some spice and
    woody flavour. It is creamy and smooth with a very fragrant aroma.
  • Camacho Criollo Figurado (Honduras)Medium bodied, but with a jolt of spice from its Criollo wrapper. Full flavoured cigar without the full throttle strength.
  • Davidoff Puro Toro (Nicaragua)Elegant cigar which is spicy and peppery at the beginning, before evolving into a pleasant smoke with the delight of sweet and dark bitter chocolate notes.
  • Davidoff Puro d’Oro Gigantes (Dominican)Superbly balanced, yet bold taste profile. Rich espresso and spice notes, but mellowed by a touch of sweet fruits lingering at the top of the tongue
  • Winston Churchill The Aristocrat (Nicaragua)Sophisticated aromas and subtle flavours, which change and develop as you make your way along the rich and generous format.
  • Jose L. Piedra Conservas (Cuba)This cigar carries rich, earthy aromas with rougher undertones. Spicy, rustic, full taste with notes of tender sharpness.